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Fall 2021
Nov 6 ’21
Dec 18 ’21
Suncoast Sports Club,Inc

General Rules:

  1. All coaches are responsible for their own parents, coaching staff, and players. We expect good sportsmanship at all times. The goal of this league is to have fun, learn some football skills, and make new friends.
  2. Every player must wear a mouth piece. (No mouth piece - no play)!
    1. Each game will consist of two twenty minute halves , 5 minute half times.( 7 vs 7 players)-(all players eligible to receive pass)-(only one player may go in motion)
  3. Clock will only stop for injuries, touchdowns, and in the last two minutes of the second and forth quarters on incomplete passes.
  4. There will be two-3 minute time outs per half.
  5. Teams have 30 seconds from the time ball is spotted by the referee in which to call a pl
  1. Each player will play 50% of each game, unless a player has not attended practices or has violated team or league rules.
  2. Six points for touchdown, running extra point try: 2 points, pass play: 1 point. The ball is placed at the five yard line for an extra point attempt. The Defense lines up on the goal line. 6-8 and 8-10, 11-14 
  3. There are no fumbles, ball is dead when it hits the ground.
  4. Quarterback can run, option, or pass.
  5. Defensive players line up five yards off the ball and can rush as soon as ball is snapped, (rush marker to be determined by referee if less than five yards for first down).
  6. No fumble ruski if inside the twenty yard line.
  7. two qualified referees in each game, final word.
  8. All play starts at 20 yard line, first downs at 50 yard line and 20 yard line.
  9. If fourth down,  team has option to punt, must tell referee and other coach if punting. If receiving player drops ball only that player will be allowed to pick up and run, all others dead ball.
  10. Keep it fun for players and parents!

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  • NFL FLAG FOOTBALL, 6-8, 8-10. 11-14

    Flag Football · Any Recreational


    Winter 2021
    Nov 6 ’21
    Dec 18 ’21
    Registration Dates:
    Sep 4 ’21 – Sep 13 ’21 early bird
    Sep 14 ’21 – Oct 30 ’21 regular
    Stephen.weeks@Michael Saunders & Company
    Minimum age:
    6 years old
    Maximum age:
    14 years old
    Age as of:
    Aug 1 ’20
    Team Fees
    Early Bird $0.00 per team + $0.00 Processing Fee
    Regular $300.00 per team + $0.00 Processing Fee
    Individual Fees
    Early Bird $99.00 + $8.60 Processing Fee
    Regular $99.00 + $8.60 Processing Fee

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